There’s a world beyond React.js

We don’t mindlessly get tied to frameworks, we rather focus on understanding business needs & coming up with solutions

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    Our Offering How the f**k do we make
    great products then?

    Software Developers

    Whether your SaaS product is on the web or mobile platforms, we have the right fit for your tech-stack. The best part, we hire people who are also experienced in your specific industry.

    Quality Assurance Engineers

    Without testing you can’t ship the product to the end user. That’s why it is important to have dedicated people who ensure the quality of all the cool features that your users enjoy.

    DevOps Engineers

    Servers are not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we have people who can manage your infrastructure needs and help you keep your service running round the clock.

    Software Architects

    It’s important to write code, but it is more important to design products in a way that can pass the test of time. Scalability and reliability comes from foresight that only the most experienced have.

    Product Owners

    There needs to be a captain of the ship when it involves many people and teams to move forward properly. Our Product Owners have experience building products that can help you prioritize and manage your roadmap.

    Scrum masters

    Someone needs to keep track of time and deliverable. It’s much better to have someone dedicatedly following process and making sure everyone is disciplined enough to deliver on the collective goals of the team.

    Our Process Miscommunication and assumptions ruin
    projects, so our process takes care of both

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